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no amount of "blood" or breathless bodies should make ppl feel ok

an lj user had mentioned this community to me once (i had suggested a reading on Allen Blackthorne when i read "sociopaths" in her interest list) but to be honest i wasn't very thrilled about joining. Interestingly enough, yesterday i turn on the TV on Showtime, and as the good lesbian that i am, stop deadtrack when i saw two women saying i love you's to each other and making out (for those of you who have watched it, if there's a steamroom scene, that was it!). so i continued on, unaware of what i was into (even as i am a Floridian and all) but by that pt already disappointed, albeit very much intrigued with the title "Monster."

i have no clue why all of you decided to join this group. w/o meaning to offend anyone on here, i gotta say i find this a bit eery, yet i saw the need to post, even though i am not sure this kind of discussion is approved of around here.

Wuornos was wronged. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! in all fairness to the victims and their families, i do not condone anything she did. she was a ruthless KILLER indeed. but she was also WRONGED from her very beginnings. by the entire system. by her natural and then adoptive family, by the one she loved. they were all there to scar her and put her down. and scarred she lived for 46 yrs.

i am known for incessantly complaining about my circumstances, and for going as far as thinking of myself as a sociopath of sorts. know that coined expression on getting a reality check/dose??? well i did yesterday. compared to what this poor woman went through, i realized i have lived in paradise all my life and been LUCKY to say the least...which brings me to my main reason for posting on here.

Aileen Wuornos should have NEVER been sentenced to die. NOBODY should EVER be sentenced to die. the argument may sound lame and also cruel to those who have endured endless suffering as a result of all the pain brought upon by these criminal minds, BUT...in this aspect, society is no more innocent than she was. the woman was NUTS. no matter how many psychologists Jeb Bush had her go thru right before her execution in Oct 2002 (psychologists who claimed she "understood" the magnitude of her actions btw), she was NOT a NORMAL human being. her stolidness should've been a given at that.

i seriously wish we could all stop and think since we are somewhat fortunate (or gifted) that way. nothing would've brought those ppl back. not her taking up space in a 6 by 9 cell, not her dying, not us hating or finding reasons to exonerate her from complete guilt. nothing would have ever made it right. thinking that by getting rid of her (or ANYBODY!) there'd be closure is just as sickening. i cannot even begin to comprehend how taking someone's life can ease someone's pains, when that's the reason she ended up behind bars herself...and did mercilessly murdering men work???

i cried. not that i don't always, but this time it was for a real reason. and i prayed. i prayed so strong and pleaded, and i almost feel as if i was heard too. i wish i could take up the fight against capital punishment or that i could carry the weight of all who are wronged (be them the perpetrators or the victims) just so it doesn't happen anymore. but i am neither a model human, nor can i emotionally afford to engage myself in this plight w/o detaching from the insanity or wanting to wrap "it" in my arms, hoping to nurture and make the suffering go away...hoping to prevent rather than lament. so yep, that's my reason for posting.

my apologies for venting on the matter, in case it is infringing any of the rules around here. but i'd like to add that i am certain these so called sociopaths would have a ball in knowing what to many may be seen as the "idiot" w/n this lj user. i am not rooting for them as victims of circumstance criminals, although i did infer to it in my entry. i just believe as stated in the subject line, that no amount of "blood" or breathless bodies should make ppl feel ok

i claim nobody.
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